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OS X Glass2023/03/22 I made a website from 1999

Working with this iMac i remembered, how much I love the Glass Design of OS X back then. I spent days experimenting with photoshop to figure out how they did that. This glass style was a completely new thing. Never seen before. So many of us web designers tried to re create this. So today I opened gimp to see if I can still pull this off. I like the image!

Doing this made me think of all the good times when I started my real professional webdesign career in 1999 with Steffen Rolla. In memory of that I created this web site (your currently looing at it) using the old apple design on the late 1990ies and early 2000nds.

And for the good old times I coded this website in an old-school table layout in HTML 3.2. Yes, it has FONT tags and they still do. Fun fact. Marquee tags still work too. Just blink tags wont. Miss them.

iMac on ebay2023/03/22 I just bought another iMac

Dear I have a crush on these iMacs. I just bought one for 150 in red. I hope I can use the disk or hard drive to get my first one running. So excited. It will arrive in 2-3 days!!!

iMac booted in BSD console2023/03/22 I'm stuck!!!

I could boot into my user but all the program icons in the doc showed [?]. I rebootet and got stuck. Instead of the login screen I get a white screen with just a working mouse arrow. I tried a lot. Bottet into the console. Looked at the system.log Tried to figure out how to fix it. Searched the internet. This sucks. Eventually I found old blank CDs, downloaded the OS X 10 Pather boot disc and burnt one. But no luck. When I try to boot from the disc, it just updates the boot selection dialoge and the CD option is gone. I guess the disc drive doesnt work so well any more. It also wont eject the disc. Seems I turned the disk drive into a read only memory. ^^.

+++ PLS HELP +++ Seriously. Anyone who knows BSD or OSX. I need to find out why it halts. Or a better option. Any ideas welcome.

iMac G3 Boot Screen2023/03/21 Turning it on for the first time

It works! There is the startup sound. It takes an eternity to boot up. But then... Mac OS X is already installed! Originally these came with OS 9. And a login screen with the name of a person I don't know with the password I don't know. Found out how to boot it to the console and create a new user. This starts the registration dialog with famous music! I mean not a chimne or a sound. Real music. And it's cool until today.

2023/03/21 It begins

I'm pinned down with corona and already bored to death after staying in bed a whole day. Eventually I took this iMac from the cellar. I got it from a friend. It was sitting there for months, waiting for me in his nicotine stained, cough drop colour housing.

iMac with bottle of SONAX CockpitStar and clothCleaning it is a blast. I disassembled it completely watching different videos ffor guidance. Ibroke almost nothing. Just a bit of the screw covers. They break sooo easily. In my desperation I sprayed it with the SONAX Cockpit Star I picked up at the gas station years ago. It costed a fortune and never worked. It never worked because this is really good at removing nicotine and I don't smoke. The speakers are not working. The foam ring holding the membrane turned into a gunk that smears like old wet liquorice. I have to repair this later. Unfortunately I didnt make pictures of the cough drop yelloy before. But the after overwhelmed me. It looks brand news. A beautiful piece of tech.